Get Things Free Online

Who says that there is no such thing as a free lunch? Advertisers still recognize that free products are one of the best ways to bring in business, so here are some ways you can get free stuff online.

Freebie Websites. Some websites are strictly dedicated to pointing out where you can get free stuff. Watch out though! Many of these websites can be spam, so make sure you research the website to see if it is legitimate before giving your personal information. Several websites will show you where you can get free t-shirts, coupons, and more.

Free samples. Samples are probably the majority of the free stuff you can get on the Internet. Whether you are getting shampoo, whipped cream, or tampons, companies love to give out their products so people will see how great they are.

Free shipping. This might be the best free thing on the web. With shipping costing about four dollars for a book, and as much as $140 to ship a piece of furniture, free shipping is a steal. Plenty of websites offer free shipping once you spend over a certain amount (say $25 or $100). This comes in handy when you are buying something bulky and don’t want to put an extra $100 on your prepaid card just to get it shipped to you.

However, some websites, including are offering free shipping for a yearly fee. By becoming an Amazon Prime member, customers can now receive most products with free 2-day shipping.

Freebies are not a thing of the past; they just require a little bit of research to find. These tips can help you get as much free stuff as you can handle.

Best Microphone Headsets for Digital Media

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To become fully immersed in your digital media, audio is a vital part of your entertainment. If you can hear your friends telling you how they think you should play the game, you need a new headset. Whether you’re just watching videos, browsing websites like or playing a game that requires concentration, a nice set of headphones can make all the difference – and when it comes to voice chat and digital phone calls, you’ll want a microphone on your new headset as well.

Of course, choosing from the hundreds of headsets available can be a long process. It takes time to wear them and see if they really are as comfortable as the manufacturer says they are. And no matter what your budget is, there’s always a better deal around the corner. Here are three of the favorite media headsets on the market right now.

Sennheiser Communications PC 350 Mega. It’s a long title, but the quality of this headset is worth the oxygen. They are sturdy and large with a nine foot cord for convenience. The microphone has noise reduction and the headphones cover your ears completely. This is one of the more expensive headsets at around $200. Excellent for voice chat.

The Creative HS Fatal1ty Gaming Headset gets high praise from reviewers. It’s fits close to your head and is lightweight. It plugs into a USB and of course includes noise cancellation. It’s sort of a plug-and-play headset, so it’s very user friendly. Priced under $60, it’s one of the best options available.

Last is the Creative HS950 USG Gaming Headset. With 3D positional sound and noise reduction, your gaming sessions will sound just like you’re there. It boasts good sound quality and microphone and costs $40 – perfect for gamers on a budget.

There are tons of other headphone sets but these three are a good starting point. Get the best you can afford–especially if you want your audio to make a real impression.

Computing and Education: A Perfect Match

educational system in appreciation for its existence:

Easy Research

People no longer spend hours or days in the library researching for that ever-important term paper. Now, they can simply turn on their trusty computer and go straight to the Internet. Not only is this more convenient, its faster, too. Instead of looking through book after book, a simple search brings up a wealth of information in just a second or two!

Online Degrees

More and more students are pursuing online degrees. They may be able to complete their higher education without stepping a single foot inside the school of their choice. Online education is also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than its brick-and-mortar counterparts because the need for transportation is greatly reduced! In fact, online degree programs make it possible for some students to pursue degrees who would never have had the chance otherwise.

Participation through Smartboards

If you think an online class won’t allow for student participation, you’re mistaken. With the advent of smartboards, class participation can be even more involved than in a traditional setting. This virtual whiteboard allows everyone to contribute in much the same way as an old-fashioned chalkboard. Add in student forums and online classes, and that can mean that participation often increases to stellar proportions!

The partnership between education and technology is a successful one. By adding value to the process, technology has made education more effective and more efficient.

How To Stop Your Computer’s Internet From Running Slow

People depend on the Internet for business, school and personal use. There are times when your Internet connection can be really slow and unreliable. While in most cases the problem is because of the Internet provider and could be fixed pretty quickly. There will be times that the Internet could be completely slow for days because of a problem on your end. There are a few ways that you could quickly fix a slow Internet connection.

Issues with the phone line

First make sure your phones, answering machine or anything else that is currently plugged into your phone line at home is disconnected. The only thing that should be plugged in is your computer’s modem. Turn the computer on and open your Internet browser. To check the Internet speed, open multiple windows at a time or turn on a video. If the connection is working properly, plug everything back in. Now go back to check the speed again. This is a great way to see if there are any problems with the Internet.

If needed replace the line connecting your modem to the wall jack. There are times where a small knick in the phone line could cause an issue your Internet speed.

If you’re still having problems, contact your phone company for assistance.

Computer problems

While you’re sleeping, run a security scan with a great anti-virus program on your computer. Try and use a program that is designed to spot any spyware. There are quite a few of these programs available for free on the Internet. Always update your anti-virus program when needed and before running any tests. If your computer finds a few issues, make sure to get rid of them. Restart your computer and check your Internet speed.

If you’re still having problems, consider how old your computer is and the possibility of replacing it.

These are just a few helpful tips on how to stop your computer’s Internet from running slow.

How tracking your company’s social media usage could save your company from a potential PRdisaster

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PR are important, if not the most important part of your social media, social media and public relations are synonymous of customers, clients, business, community and profit, profit is a strong word when you are mentioning PR, but is important if you want to keep your business.  And keeping track of your company’s social media can save your company from going into disaster or even worse oblivion.  If this might happen it is very difficult I not impossibleto come back, but as you know nothing is impossible in this modern times.  You can reinvent yourself with the same essence, ideas and even projects.  However keeping track of your company’s social media, it may seem quite difficult; on the other hand it may not be as you think.  With the support, service, experience and knowledge advantage of tracking social media your company can thrive with information and guidance

One of the main things you need to know is where, when and how you can prevent this to materialize. Need to investigate, to survey randomly what you think is the problem to be.  Nonetheless you need to keep in mind, what is what you really need.  And here is where you will need the assistant of the Board members, PR are no longer a disaster or a problem.  The support that the Board members can provide for your company’s social media can be back up with experience in their own PR, with personalized service, as to how and what to do for keeping track of your company’s social media.  And tracking your company’s social media are only steps that can be trace back to a potential problem, one of them can be Customer Service, in how your customers are treated.

Has Multimedia Technology Fueled Hatred In Cleveland?

Cleveland didn’t need any more reason to hate Lebron James. As he departed from the city that loved him and raised him for the warm, high profile setting of South Beach Miami, Cleveland Cavaliers fans had all the ire they needed.  Besides, he was also looking for chic Los Angeles apartments for when he played against the NBA teams there. After all, who could blame them; Lebron left them publicly, announcing his decision to the world first, on a prime time special. Cleveland fans had been through their fair share of tough sports times, but this might have stung the most.

Upon James’s arrival back in Cleveland to play against his old team, the setting was intense and braced for a war. Death threats had been made and fans were looking for blood more than they were looking for boos. What should have been a time to voice displeasure had become a time to try to damage and hurt James personally, through vicious signs and actions.

So. who or what was the reason for such a strong hate? The truth is it might have been social media that fueled the fire for LBJ’s return to his birthplace. Sites like YouTube were filled with viral videos of how James quit on the team in his last playoff series with Boston. There were fan made responses to his “What Should I Do?” Nike ad. In their version, they put up a graphic at the end that said “Quitness,” the same signs that were all over the Quicken Loans Arena.

The Internet, which was previously a place to look up simple searches for Los Angeles Apartments, was now being used to fuel the hatred of a city’s former beloved star. This was something that the rest of the nation had anticipated. The game came without incident to LBJ. They had increased security but it’s a wonder if that should have been necessary at all.

The End is Near . . . for Video Stores

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Once upon a time, people could only rent videos from an actual brick and mortar video store. You got into your car, drove to the location and spent way too much time looking for the right movie. Video stores still exist, of course, but digital downloading, Red Box video distribution sites and DVD though mail options have taken a serious toll. As technology keeps developing, it seems likely that Internet downloading will kill off the remaining video stores.

Recently Blockbuster admitted that its business model was not working. The company filed for bankruptcy. For some reason, though, the chain continues to keep their stores on life support. When it comes to a big chain store like Blockbuster, the company cannot compete with smaller, faster organizations that can spot technology trends first.

Just because watching movies is as simple as a software download does not mean, however, that every video store is going under. Some of them, in fact, are doing very well. There are big differences between the types of video stores that are succeeding and those that are failing. The successful video rental stores tend to focus on niche markets. They don’t worry too much about the new Hannah Montana video. Instead, they spend time and money searching for obscure videos that customers cannot find anywhere else.

Most people won’t really care anything about these movies, but a few will. When the whole community gets involved, the business can thrive.

Currently, this business model works well for organizations in larger cities. Eventually, though, even they may feel the brunt of technology. Torrent sites and peer-to-peer programs give movie nerds the opportunity to share extremely obscure films with each other without paying a dime. When it comes to eliminating the small, local video store, it seems likely that the final punch will come from illegal sites rather than tech-savvy companies.

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Using Cell Phones for Business Purposes

These days, with so many small businesses in circulation and so many entrepreneurs who have started their own multiple businesses, it becomes necessary for business owners to be as mobile as possible, yet connected to their customer base. Finding different ways to do this depends on the type of business that is being run, the resources of the person who is running the business, and using those resources in an advantageous way so as to make the business run as seamlessly as it can.

Many business owners are now using their cell phones for business use and finding great success with it. There are many different mobile applications for various platforms that the business user can implement into his business. Whether he is using the cell phone to connect with customers on a social networking level or using it to find outlets for more business exposure, the user may find that cell phone can certainly come in handy and make things easier.

There are various social media software applications that the business owner can load onto his cell phone that will make it very easy to connect with customers. The applications are often very user-friendly and the business owner can start using them almost right away without having to load more software or other applications.

Many mobile phones have gone from push button to touch sensitivity, and the technology is still changing on them. As it continues to change and grow, manufacturers will become even more attuned to what is important to the customer.

Cell phones are items that are always being changed, re-developed, and upgraded to make them easier for the users to work. When this happens, the features on the phone usually become easier to navigate and are more adaptable to numerous applications. Cell phones help to simplify business dealings and streamline social networking lifestyle and interaction.

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Will Computers Keep Up With the Internet?

The Internet has become an invaluable tool for most of society, and there’s little doubt it’s here to stay. Year after year, telecommunications companies continue to debut products that top last year’s models, further increasing people’s dependence on the Internet.

When high speed Internet first hit the world, many people wondered why they needed to upgrade their systems. After all, dial-up connected them to the same network as high speed Internet. Plus, it cost less. But, slowly, people began to see the value of faster connection speeds.

People who sat in front of their computers for twenty minutes waiting for a photo to download soon began drumming their fingers on the desk and grumbling about how long the process was taking. Now, the U.S. considers an area underserved if high speed Internet isn’t an option.

For live video streaming, downloading large documents, opening large files, or using a computer for high-resolution graphics, high speed Internet is handy. However, computers have also matched paced with the Internet to be able to improve the entire online experience. But one may wonder whether there will come a time when connection speeds exceed the capability of computers.

You may wonder how this could happen. Consider high definition TVs. Networks spent large sums of money to convert to a recording system that would provide viewers with a better experience by offering clearer images. People with hi-def TVs get the most benefit out of the new programming. But what about people without these more expensive TVs and programming packages? They still get the network, just not the added benefit of the increased quality.

Could the same thing happen with computers and mobile devices? Will there come a point in time when higher speeds no longer translate into tangible differences because computers no longer keep pace? So far, the computer industry is working hard to keep up, but one day soon, the telecommunications industry may just have to lend them a hand.

High Speed Internet: Why You Need It!

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We are definitely in the technological era as pretty much every area of our lives is touched by technology in some way. Internet banking, Facebook and gaming software such Xbox 360 LIVE are all examples of how we use technology in various ways every day. In most cases, the advances in technology all revolve around the use of the internet, which brings us to the importance of having a high speed internet connection.

When dial up internet was first made available, many computer users were happy to have that. However, we are way past the days of dial up, and in more ways than one. For example, we now have online scrapbooking programs, online video conferencing, Facebook and so many more uses for the internet. But, before you can experience the full benefit of these programs, you need a high speed internet connection.

While a high speed internet connection is critical for those that use the internet for business purposes, as the examples above show, it is something that can be very beneficial for people that use the internet for other reasons too. For example, sending a simple email or paying a bill online can turn into very time-consuming projects without a high speed internet connection. This is because “high speed internet” does exactly what it is supposed to do. It provides you with fast internet service.

The reason you need a high speed internet connection before you can fully enjoy most of the possibilities the internet has to offer is because this type of connection allows your computer to receive and process the data quicker and more effectively. Sometimes it isn’t that noticeable when you receive a regular email. However, if you are trying to view photos, watch a video on YouTube or carry on a conversation with a long-distance loved one through Skype, you will immediately notice the difference made by having a high speed internet connection.

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