Deluxe Entertainment Group to Incorporate Satellite Plans

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As a person with experience in satellites, Adrian McCarten will be heading the helm for Deluxe Australia as it works to incorporate a satellite plan. McCarten will work as the Digital Content Distribution Executive for Deluxe Australia, which is a part of the Deluxe Entertainment Service Group, Inc. MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc. owns the group, which provides services for the entertainment industry and technologies to a variety of international clients. Deluxe Group works with major Hollywood Studios and offers motion picture film processing, DVD compression, EFILM digital intermediates, digital asset management, printing and distribution, digital cinema services, and other aspects to help the entertainment industry do its job.

McCarten will be leading a team to add satellite plans to the company’s portfolio. The goal is to prepare for theaters in Australia and Asia that will be using digitally equipped theaters and satellite services. The division McCarten joins already offers a variety of services, including mastering, reversioning, replication, hard-drive distribution, and Digital Cinema Packaging (DCP). The management aspects will work with Hollywood studio customers in the Asia Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. McCarten will maintain operations from Sydney, Australia.

Under the current plan for the satellites, Deluxe will use the system to send special programs to the theaters equipped with digital receivers and equipment. These programs can include live events, special programs, traditional movies, 3D feature films, or other content delivered for entertainment purposes.

This new initiative is part of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group’s plan to build a satellite network for theaters in several countries, including Canada and the U.S. The company also entered an agreement with Echostar Corporation to help accomplish this goal. Deluxe London has a similar agreement with Argiva to cover the European market.

The global reach for this project is another reason why Deluxe went with McCarten to lead the project—he has a global network specific to satellites that the company hopes to utilize.

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The End is Near . . . for Video Stores

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Once upon a time, people could only rent videos from an actual brick and mortar video store. You got into your car, drove to the location and spent way too much time looking for the right movie. Video stores still exist, of course, but digital downloading, Red Box video distribution sites and DVD though mail options have taken a serious toll. As technology keeps developing, it seems likely that Internet downloading will kill off the remaining video stores.

Recently Blockbuster admitted that its business model was not working. The company filed for bankruptcy. For some reason, though, the chain continues to keep their stores on life support. When it comes to a big chain store like Blockbuster, the company cannot compete with smaller, faster organizations that can spot technology trends first.

Just because watching movies is as simple as a software download does not mean, however, that every video store is going under. Some of them, in fact, are doing very well. There are big differences between the types of video stores that are succeeding and those that are failing. The successful video rental stores tend to focus on niche markets. They don’t worry too much about the new Hannah Montana video. Instead, they spend time and money searching for obscure videos that customers cannot find anywhere else.

Most people won’t really care anything about these movies, but a few will. When the whole community gets involved, the business can thrive.

Currently, this business model works well for organizations in larger cities. Eventually, though, even they may feel the brunt of technology. Torrent sites and peer-to-peer programs give movie nerds the opportunity to share extremely obscure films with each other without paying a dime. When it comes to eliminating the small, local video store, it seems likely that the final punch will come from illegal sites rather than tech-savvy companies.

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Dell Coupons Mean Savings

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Dell coupons are a great way to save on computers and related peripherals. Dell has an outstanding reputation for providing quality computer equipment, and using the coupons allows you to own a desktop computer, laptop, printer and more for a discounted price. Examples of some of the deals offered by Dell include price reductions of up to 25% on their popular laptops such as the Inspiron 15 and Studio 15. You can buy the basic Inspiron or get the upgraded versions that include such features as an integrated 1.3 MP webcam, an Intel graphics media accelerator and high definition audio. The Studio laptop is a higher-end choice with all the latest technology including Intel HD graphics, a 15.6” high definition LED display and a 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive.

The coupons are only available for a limited time, so you have to jump on the deals when they appear. Some of the offers might change daily, or there might be a run of specials for an extended time such as a ten-day period where new coupons are posted each day. With some coupons, you’ll get free shipping on your order. Dell also offers financing for some of its products. For instance, if you buy a Studio system, you won’t be charged interest if you pay in full within nine months. A one-year warranty is the standard with all laptop and desktop computer purchases. You’ll also receive 15 months of McAfee Antivirus support. Laptops come with such premium components as SRS sounds, slot-loading DVDs and high-definition displays. With desktops, you’ll get the fastest processors, capability for expansion and the best graphics. If you need your computer in a hurry, Dell will ship your system in 48 hours. You’ll also find that Dell provides great customer support with online manuals and tips for troubleshooting any problems that may occur.