How tracking your company’s social media usage could save your company from a potential PRdisaster

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PR are important, if not the most important part of your social media, social media and public relations are synonymous of customers, clients, business, community and profit, profit is a strong word when you are mentioning PR, but is important if you want to keep your business.  And keeping track of your company’s social media can save your company from going into disaster or even worse oblivion.  If this might happen it is very difficult I not impossibleto come back, but as you know nothing is impossible in this modern times.  You can reinvent yourself with the same essence, ideas and even projects.  However keeping track of your company’s social media, it may seem quite difficult; on the other hand it may not be as you think.  With the support, service, experience and knowledge advantage of tracking social media your company can thrive with information and guidance

One of the main things you need to know is where, when and how you can prevent this to materialize. Need to investigate, to survey randomly what you think is the problem to be.  Nonetheless you need to keep in mind, what is what you really need.  And here is where you will need the assistant of the Board members, PR are no longer a disaster or a problem.  The support that the Board members can provide for your company’s social media can be back up with experience in their own PR, with personalized service, as to how and what to do for keeping track of your company’s social media.  And tracking your company’s social media are only steps that can be trace back to a potential problem, one of them can be Customer Service, in how your customers are treated.

Savvy Social Networking


Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn has cornered the market on virtual communication. Moving beyond hobby clubs and one-to-one communication, these social networks have changed the way people meet, plan and interact. Before signing up for a social network, weigh the benefits of membership against the time and energy necessary to keeping your profiles relevant.


1. DO be picky. Signing-up for every social network out there seems like a good idea because it increases your visibility and makes it easier for your friends and clients to contact you. However, over time your ability to control your brand (web image/online reputation) decreases. Unless you have a team of internet-savvy PR professionals maintaining your online reputation, sign-up for the social networks most likely to be used by your community.

2. DO manage your time wisely. Social networking is a time sapper. Even if it doesn’t take much effort, it takes a lot of time to upload media content and update posts. Set aside a time for networking and stick to it.

3. DO review security options. Every social network allows you to set your own privacy and security settings. Review the defaults. You may be sharing more information about your browsing history and preferences than you like. For example, facebook connects with Pandora and announces your musical preferences to friends who use Pandora.

4. DO consider your audience. Facebook and MySpace are networks that focus on socializing with friend and family. While businesses use these sites for advertisements, business professionals network on work-related sites such as LinkedIn.

5. DON’T post private information in a public forum. DON’T forget you are online. Some servers store copies of web content in a cached (static) form. Even if you delete inappropriate content or unsubscribe from networks, cached pages may still record your profile history.

6. DO network. Social networking is for just that–networking. Make friends, build connections and grow your web presence.

The Networking Experience: Social Media Software

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It was meant to be an idle search, a rare waste of hours, as your duties as a parent leave you with little time for indulgences. Too often you must ignore all thrills, dedicating yourself instead to the needs of your family. The notion of simply scrolling through networking sites is unfamiliar (but no less wanted), but suddenly you find yourself doing just that. Blogs are read. Message boards are examined. And, when a whim leads you finally to seek out an old acquaintance, you are amazed by what you find: post after post is filled to their name. Your friend is online.

And you begin to realize what this can mean.

The concept of social networking is one too often dominated by youth. Individuals believe it to be only for teens and their obsessions, the trade of music and secret jokes. But this idea can have far greater implications, and stay at home mothers should understand just how those implications can be applied to them.

There are endless ways to connect online. The use of social media software (such as networking websites and communities) allow users to seek each other out, discovering shared interests and experiences. Past friends can reunite, separated families can meet again, and strangers can become close companions with hobbies bonding even the most disparate of personalities.

This is invaluable for mothers who have little time to leave their homes, who must instead stay near their children. Obligations can’t be refused. Affection can’t be denied. Their schedule is simply too crowded for outside adventures, but this does not include the ones found within a computer. A monitor can become a much needed gateway.

Gaining relationships is essential for all individuals. Social media simply makes it easy. Through the tap of a keyboard the world can be revealed, and parents will then discover easy conversations and far easier rewards.

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High Speed Internet: Why You Need It!

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We are definitely in the technological era as pretty much every area of our lives is touched by technology in some way. Internet banking, Facebook and gaming software such Xbox 360 LIVE are all examples of how we use technology in various ways every day. In most cases, the advances in technology all revolve around the use of the internet, which brings us to the importance of having a high speed internet connection.

When dial up internet was first made available, many computer users were happy to have that. However, we are way past the days of dial up, and in more ways than one. For example, we now have online scrapbooking programs, online video conferencing, Facebook and so many more uses for the internet. But, before you can experience the full benefit of these programs, you need a high speed internet connection.

While a high speed internet connection is critical for those that use the internet for business purposes, as the examples above show, it is something that can be very beneficial for people that use the internet for other reasons too. For example, sending a simple email or paying a bill online can turn into very time-consuming projects without a high speed internet connection. This is because “high speed internet” does exactly what it is supposed to do. It provides you with fast internet service.

The reason you need a high speed internet connection before you can fully enjoy most of the possibilities the internet has to offer is because this type of connection allows your computer to receive and process the data quicker and more effectively. Sometimes it isn’t that noticeable when you receive a regular email. However, if you are trying to view photos, watch a video on YouTube or carry on a conversation with a long-distance loved one through Skype, you will immediately notice the difference made by having a high speed internet connection.

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The Internet and Social Media

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The internet has brought with it so many opportunities for people that it’s impossible to count them all. From business to gaming to one’s personal life, the internet has the ability to affect each area of our lives – if it hasn’t already. For example, one of the biggest ways the internet has affected our lives is through the various social media outlets.

Now, people are able to communicate in ways they never dreamed of in years past. With websites such as, and, it’s actually possible for people to keep in touch with friends that live millions of miles away. People are now able to reconnect with family and friends they haven’t seen in years with the click of a button! It’s safe to say that the advances in technology have exceeded many people’s wildest imaginations and now, with the help of social media, those expectations will continue to be surpassed.

Not only are individuals using the internet and social media outlets to stay in touch with family and friends, but businesses are beginning to see the benefits it offers to them as well. Right now, it is very common for business owners, both large and small, to have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Actually, it’s probably more uncommon for a business not to have one of these two things. This is because businesses are finding that they are able to interact with their customers on a more personal level through these two social networking sites.

It’s only natural that when businesses begin to communicate with their customers on a more intimate level, they bring in more business. Not only can businesses use social networking sites to interact with their customers, but they are also finding the use of blogs to be especially helpful as well. While it’s only the year 2010, it’s hard to imagine the internet and social media bringing even more opportunities to individuals and businesses in the future, but it’s bound to happen. The internet and social media are proving to be the way of the future!

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What is Chatroulette?

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Created less than a year ago by a 17-year-old Russian teen named Andrey Ternovskiy, Chatroulette is an online phenomena unlike any other.

Imagine an online chat room, but instead of entering and typing to strangers, you enter an online chat room via live webcam. Now imagine entering this online chat room and coming face-to-face with strangers from across the globe. You are automatically inserted into their living room, or wherever they may be, once they enter Chatroulette.

When using Chatroulette, you’re doing just that, playing roulette with whomever you connect with. You could be connected with a chef in California, a teacher in Tennessee or a news reporter in New York. You are paired with someone randomly and are connected by the internet and a webcam. People of all ages are using Chatroulette, from giggly students to curious young adults to a more mature audience.

One of the more interesting facts about Chatroulette is that nobody can be tracked in a world where people are googling one another and job seekers must protect their privacy on Facebook, Chatroulette allows one to enter without a login or password. Your name is not broadcast for anyone to see, and nobody needs to know your identity.

Plus, if you come across someone that does not interest you, you can click the next button to move from this connection and begin to interact with a different person. Comparable to speed dating, once you’re finished chatting with one person, you can move along to the next. If you come across someone you’re not interested in talking to anymore, the next button allows you to change contacts without any hard feelings.

In the past month, Chatroulette introduced Localroulette, an application hat allows users to connect to others in the same region. Another new feature, Channelroulette lets chatters connect with those that have similar interests, whether they be friends or strangers.

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The Need for High Speed Internet for SmartPhones

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As more and more people are on the go more often they are turning to their smartphone as a way to communicate with the rest of the world. They are using their smartphone as a way to use Facebook, Myspace and even download a free ringtone here and there. This increased reliance upon smartphones has made high speed Internet for phones a necessity.

Think about it. The last time you were on your phone you were probably texting, looking up something or emailing straight from your phone. The fact that our phones have turned into little mini computers has made the need for high speed Internet even greater.

A phone without high speed internet can take up to 5 minutes to load a single page. In that time, a high speed Internet connection could have loaded 100 pages and been sitting there waiting.

Phone companies have taken the need for high speed Internet access to heart. They have started by installing more network towers, satellites and the ability to make connections on their network available all over. The increase of towers, satellites and other technologies have successfully sped up the Internet connection that a smartphone receives. The blackberry smartphone has proven to be one of the best.

As phones become more advanced and require high internet speeds, cellphone companies will have to meet the demand. Cellphone companies, smartphones and internet connections will forever be a changing technology. They will require frequent updates, advances and inventions to ensure that they are running at the top speed and giving customers the internet speed they desire.

After all, as the world becomes more and more dependent upon the Internet and cellphones, the internet speed that they are getting will become more and more important to them. As long as cellphone companies stay with the changing times people will still rely upon their smartphones for Internet and connections to the outside world.