Sirius Satellite Radio Surving ang Starting to Thrive

Sirius Satellite Radio is not far removed from near potential bankruptcy. Will shares of Sirius stock traded for pennies as recently as 2009, many wondered if the company would survue for even a couple more years. However, as America continues to climb out of a recession, there are signs that Sirius can thrive. Here are a few reasons Sirius has been able to turn it around,

1.) New car installations- More and more new cars continue to come equipped with Sirius and that’s good news for the company. As car sales continue to pick up, more new car buyers are getting Sirius service for at least three months. From that point on, it is up to the car owner whether or not to continue the service. Many of the drivers continue to keep the service helping to raise the stock price.

2.) Howard Stern- Howard Stern just inked another big deal with Sirius and will be there at least another five years. Many Howard fans weren’t sure if Howard would stay and with news of his re-signing, followers can rest assured that Howard will be around if they buy a subscription. Howard is simply the most popular radio entertainer of all time will an unparalleled radio audience. Millions of Americans listen to Howard four days a week and couldn’t have it any other way,

3.) Commercial free music- Sirius has a music format that resonates will millions of listeners. There is no commercial interruption to the music and all kinds of music tastes can be satisfied on Sirius. Nearly one hundred radio stations play music continuously throughout the day and are accompanied by news and comedy stations.

It remains to be seen if enough people will pay for Sirius to sustain the company over the long haul. There is no doubt however that in the short term, Sirius will be around for fans.