Virginia State Decides to Crack Down on Sexting

A lot has changed since the internet and cell phones have become a part of everyday life. One consequence of most teenagers now holding their own cell phone is that they have become a big distraction in schools. Kids are always on their phones now when allowed and often times are using them in school without permission. It has come to educators attention in Virginia that many kids are “sexting” while in school, or sending each other explicit messages. The state senate recently voted to allow teachers to intervene if they think there is sexting going on.

What they will be able to do- Teachers will now be allowed to confiscate the phones of any potential sexter. In addition, they will be allowed to search the phone for evidence of the act and confiscate the phone as well as punish the student. Students who attend Virginia schools will be subject to the rule.

Why the crackdown on sexting? Students are in school to learn and attend classes. Cell phones really have no place in the school system to begin with but are rarely banned outright from schools. Students can use the reasoning of needing to contact friends or family to possess a phone. The crackdown on sexting came after much discussion about the distraction it was causing some students at school. The inappropriate action taking place had faculty requesting that measures be taken. Surfing the internet on the phone is one thing, but discussing and planning sexual behavior while in the schools trust is something regarded as intolerable.

We are in the early stages of the sexting intervention and it’s too soon to tell exactly how it will play out. If nothing else, the dialogue and early action on the topic has to have kids thinking twice about sending those texts. Especially since your teachers will be able to look at your phone.